GROW Coaching Model


Career Planning Process

  1. If a New Employee: Complete application/selection forms
  2. Review Employee File for Completeness, Updates
  3. Review Company Benefits Programs, Pay Polices, etc.
  4. Read/Listen/Review Employee Handbook
  5. Complete Employee Handbook Quizzes
  6. Read/Listen/Review Safety Program Handbook
  7. Complete Safety Program Quizzes
  8. Review/Update Job Description details/measures/ability
  9. Identify/Select training from Library, set target study dates
  10. Complete Communications Assessment/training (i.e. DiSC)
  11. Identify Motivation Plan, Personal and Business Goals
  12. Create longer term talent, skills, knowledge training desires
  13. Identify/assign Company/Job related 3month/12month goals
  14. Setup monthly check-in/quarterly/annual review schedule
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