Effective Personal Productivity

How It Works: 

Participants receive personal workbooks, materials and audio recordings of each lesson. Through reading, listening and writing, new attitudes are formed, new behaviors yield measurable benefits. Goals and results are tracked and reported by participants to verify progress. Workshops present unique concepts and guide the participant and achieve their desired outcomes.

Program Objectives

  1. To assess individual skills/communication/attitudes necessary for high performance
  2. To prioritize activities, eliminate wasted efforts and focus on daily results
  3. To create written specific plans and actions for Personal and Company Goals
  4. To measure and track progress, actual productive output and value achieved


  1. Top Six Priorities – choosing a focus for improvement
  2. Self-Evaluation – an honest look at current status
  3. Analysis of Time Use – where does it go today
  4. Time Budget Picture – taking control of your rarest asset
  5. Problems/Goals – what are the obstacles to success
  6. Imperative/Important Plan – a daily practice to focus effort
  7. Job Activity Analysis – are we really doing the right things
  8. Meeting Planner – a major problem for most people
  9. Results Tracking/Graphing – measure it, improve it
  10. Day-Time Activity Control Book – daily control of actions

What Subjects Are Covered:  

The Nature of Productivity – Understanding time and its value are critical. Anyone who develops proper attitudes toward their time, other people, practices, and procedures can improve their personal output.

Goals Achievement Through Time Management – Goal setting is the strongest force for human motivation. Development of personal goals, job-related goals, and organizational goals result in higher self-image.

Increasing Productivity Through Controlling Priorities – Proper use of a calendar/commitment book, imperative/important list, proper communication, and handling paper flow yield large increases in available time.

Improving Productivity Through Communication – Clarifying communication goals, listening for the total message, increasing reading speed, and writing for maximum impact eliminate misunderstandings and heighten personal effectiveness.

Empowering the Team – Attitudes are the heart of empowerment. Developing team players through delegation leverages the full potential of the group.

Increasing Productivity of the Team – Productivity is increased through the development of self-directed work teams. Training of subordinates and reinforcement of positive habits are critical.